Attack of the Design Thinking Zombies

Quality circles.  Reengineering.  Knowledge Management.  These are headstones you’ll see in the management graveyard.  We recently posted about Business Week’s Bruce Nussbaum adding “Design Thinking” to that list, but according to this, this and this, more than a few folks are calling for the corpse to be exhumed and the pulse checked.

According to Fast Company’s Grant McCracken:

In sum, it is wrong to say that design thinking has given us “all the benefits it has to offer,” and it’s wrong to call it a “failed experiment.” I think we should be arguing that design thinking is just getting started. And a good thing, too; we need this approach more than we ever did.

Are you new to the concepts of DT?  Management Roundtable recently held a free webinar with Design Thinking expert, Matt Belge.  An on demand replay of this webinar is available at the link below.

MRT Free On-Demand Webinar: Design Thinking

Articles linked to in this post:

Join us for MRT’s upcoming workshop:
“Design Thinking: Extreme Customer-Driven Innovation”
October 29-30, 2012 in Boston.


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