How Big Companies Innovate at the Speed of Startups

waveoffutureThe wave of the future is here!  If a big iconic company like Caterpillar is partnering with Uptake, Forbes-named ‘hottest new startup of 2015,’ shouldn’t your company be thinking twice?

 “…we are partnering with companies who want to be part of the solution and not disrupted by it. It’s challenging for the biggest companies to innovate at the speed of an entrepreneurial organization,” Uptake CEO Brad Keywell told Forbes magazine’s Brian Solomon.

Here’s the full story:

While co-creation between large established firms and entrepreneurial organizations is one of the quickest paths to market-winning innovation, it isn’t always smooth sailing.  Different cultures, processes, and priorities must be aligned.  Mike Docherty’s acclaimed book, Collective Disruption, describes a proven framework;  Mike will be leading an exclusive How-To session on January 21 in Chicago. Several seats still remain.

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