MRT Time Capsule: PDBPR January 2002

Before there was open innovation and crowdsourcing, there was just the Internet.  Before web-based discussion forums, companies only had expensive tools like focus groups, interviewing and ethnographic studies to get at the voice of the customer.  Once the web took off and enough homes had Internet access, companies started creating their own online presences for customer feedback, which in turn helped fuel Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing.

One of the major first movers in this space was greeting card company, Hallmark.   Below you can download a copy of MRT’s old newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report (PDBPR), from January 2002, whose feature story is about Hallmark’s Idea Exchange online community program.  Continue reading


MRT Time Capsule: The Innovation Maturity Model

Years ago I wrote MRT’s monthly email newsletter dubbed “The Critical Path,” which after a gap of about 5 years is now replaced by this blog, which seems to have filled the niche left behind by newsletters now that paper printing is getting closer to the fate of the dodo thanks in part to Rupert Murdoch’s underling transgressions.

In this installment I’m posting the main article that was published on February 15, 1999, it even has references to the iMac and Firewire, so you know it’s old.  Since this was published, I’ve seen several others produce similar models of innovation, so I’m sure at the time, mine probably wasn’t that unique either. Continue reading

MRT Time Capsule: 1997 Metrics Conference

According to old sayings, I am doomed to repeat my entire life because I forget a lot of stuff, but that’s why we have time capsules.  It also can be a lot of fun to look back and see what we were doing in the past and how much things have changed or remained constant.  Every once in a while on this blog, we will dig up some stuff from Management Roundtable’s historical archives for just such fun. Continue reading