Staying in tune with the evolution of the digital consumer…

In an age where college hobbies quickly become multi-billion dollar digital megaliths, keeping on top of what influences customers during the dawn of the “Internet of Things” phenomena seems like trying to hit a target that’s moving at light speed. As soon as companies had websites mastered, along came Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, and just a few years later, those are now graybeard dinosaurs threatened by an influx of new upstarts.  How can we possibly update our approaches to stay in tune when the rules of the game and the players themselves never stabilize?

In a recent webinar with Dave Norton from Stone Mantel, a firm focused on creating meaningful brand experiences, he outlines 8 digital success factors and specific ways in how customers are changing today’s and tomorrow’s rules of engagement.  Below you can review the slides presented at the webinar which discusses how ideas such as Positive Computing and IoT are creating new opportunities to engage customers on deeper and more meaningful levels.

This webinar was produced in conjunction with Stone Mantel’s annual retreat for digital strategists. Called “Summer Camp,” this is a different kind of learning and networking event intended for executives and their families to have a relaxing and fun excursion at a beautiful venue while collaborating with peers to learn the latest tools and methods that bring digital strategy to life.

Summer Camp is strictly limited to 25 participants and will take place August 5-7, 2015 at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado springs.  For more information, click here.


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