Innovate Faster with these Lean & Agile Project Management Tools

mouse-with-toolsMore and more we are seeing a wider adoption of tools from Agile software development migrate into other R&D and product development offices, a logical progression as more and more products are incorporating a software component, forcing some degree of cross-pollination.

In their recently published book, Innovate Products Faster, TC Gen‘s John Carter and Jeanne Bradford outline new configurations of product management for product developers facing today’s growing complexity.  Many of these techniques have been incorporated into Apple’s official New Product Development Process.

The following tools from Innovate Products Faster are now being made available as a free download.  Fill out the form below and we’ll email you links to the following spreadsheet-based tools from TC Gen:

Team Wheel

Clearly identify the project team leaders, critical functions and the specific individuals fulfilling these functions. This tool shows a graphical snapshot of the project team and ensures you have the right resources in place at the right time.

Function Phase Matrix

Identifies the project objectives, roles and responsibilities of team members, and key deliverables for all project phases. This tool provides an overview of the entire development process in a one-page view.

Outsourcing Map

Creates a matrix to determine the best source of appropriate skills based on your requirements. This tool takes some of the guesswork out of the outsource selection process and minimizes risk by providing meaningful recommendations.

Schedule Predictability Accuracy

Provides an effective way to detect and eliminate project risks before they occur. This tool provides a visualization of the entire project over time, with an emphasis on tracking the changes of the schedule over time so you can see how predictable the project manager is, and to help you anticipate the implications on future milestones.

To request download links to be sent to you via email, please fill out and submit the following form:



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