When 15 Competitors Collaborate….

wehavemettheenemyHistory is filled with examples of sworn enemies who put aside their differences in the face of a common threat.  Feudal Japan was filled with warring states that put aside differences when threatened by external invasion.  President Reagan once famously pondered in a speech what would happen to bickering countries if the earth were threatened by extra terrestrial hostility.  More recently, 15 competitors in the finance and banking industry had to do the same when faced with the ongoing challenge of an increasingly paperless society and the disruption of e-commerce.

We’ve heard before about competitors collaborating to change the industry, but this time the scope is a little larger and the circumstances more pressing.  At an upcoming free webinar on 7/25/13, we’ll hear from Martie Woods, former Chief Experience Officer at Deluxe Corporation, who will explain how they used ethnographic research and co-creation techniques to lead this effort of bringing leaders from competing organizations of different sizes and service models together to solve their common challenges.

If you’d like to hear these inside insights on how she got these groups together to trust one another and co-develop innovative solutions, sign up for the webinar at the link below.

When 15 Competitors Collaborate: Changing an Industry
through Primary Insights and Open Innovation

Thursday, July 25, 2013 from 1:00-2:00pm ET


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