Is 3M a Disneyland for Innovators?

3M_InnoCtrVery few companies can legitimately claim that innovation is embedded in their DNA.  With actions that back up the talk, 3M is one of these few.  Frequently named as one of the top 3 most innovative companies in the world (behind Apple and Google), 3M demonstrates this commitment with both investment and effort, including:

  • Mandating employees use 15% of their time on innovation and customer focused activities
  • Declaring technical staff “dual citizens” and making knowledge sharing and cross-pollination a big part of the employee culture
  • Creating over 30 customer technical centers that bring consumers directly into the NPD process

3M has also just opened up their “3M Innovation Center,” where they invite industry professionals to see, touch, hear, and experience many new technologies that make up our modern world.  If you just happen to be in the Dubai Internet City where the facility is located, you can register for a visit and tour – click here to learn how.

As part of the CoDev2014 Free Webinar Series, 3M’s Peter Fritz will be sharing his experiences with 3M’s Open Innovation strategy with their supplier partners.  Here are the webinar details and how to register for free:



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