Advanced Project Management for NPD – Wikis, Outsourcing and Virtual Personal Assistants


Many interesting insights and out of the box tips and tricks were shared at our webinar on May 22, 2013, “Advanced Project Management for Product Development: Leveraging Others–Working with Suppliers & Partners” led by John Carter and Scott Elliott of TCGen, Inc.

See the form below to request a link to a recording of this webinar and a copy of the slides that were presented.

Among the most intriguing recommendations from the webinar:

  • A diverse set of visual tools and charts to organize and manage global distributed teams and complex reporting hierarchies;
  • Modern team communication tools such as Wikis and cloud-based software to replace disjointed email threads; and
  • Tapping into non-traditional external labor resources such as “Virtual Personal Assistants” from service providers like oDesk, Elance and Task Rabbit for various research projects or administrative tasks

Other sections of the webinar covered supplier integration practices and the integration of Agile Software Development methods into traditional product development environments as a response to the increasing inclusion of software components to products that were previously software-free.

This webinar was a sample course of a 5-module workshop covering a focused set of tools and techniques for addressing the specific challenges of current day product development projects.  The full workshop is available as a customized in-house offering and will also be presented as a public workshop, Advanced Product Development for Product Development on August 22, 2013 in Chicago.   A limited time $500/person discount is available for the public workshop until May 31, 2013.

To request a link to the webinar recording and a copy of the presentation slides:



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