Create Kano Surveys for Free on

kano-analysisDr. Noriaki Kano’s customer satisfaction model revolutionized the science of quality and gave a voice to the abstract concepts behind what draws customers to specific product offerings. The heart of Dr. Kano’s methodology was his customer survey designs and how to plot responses in a way that uncovered what customers truly care about with a degree of specificity that exposed the product features that trigger customers to choose one product or feature set over a competitive offering. Created in 2009 by Agile Coach, Sergei Dmitrev, is a free website (registration required, though) that can guide you through templates to create your own Kano surveys.  While this is intended for software developers, it should work with any types of product features you wish to populate the survey with.  Even if you don’t or can’t use the survey for your specific project, it can be a valuable exercise in general Kano survey design if you are just starting out with employing these methods.

Learn more about putting the power of Kano to work for you at Management Roundtable’s Kano Innovation Collaborative.



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