Advanced Project Management for NPD – Top 4 Concerns of Webinar Participants


Below are some quick insights from a survey recently conducted in conjunction with our upcoming webinar on May 22, 2013, “Advanced Project Management for Product Development: Applying Lean and Agile Principles to Managing Partners” led by John Carter of TCGen, Inc.

Webinar registrants were asked to rate the following 8 categories on a scale of 1 (not interested) to 5 (highly interested).  The average rating for each category appears in parentheses:

  • Product Development / Project Management Metrics (4.53)
  • Agile Development Techniques (4.15)
  • Culture & Communication (4.15)
  • Risk Management (4.00)
  • Managing Distributed Teams (3.97)
  • Innovation & Ideation (3.71)
  • Open Innovation & Social Technologies (3.69)
  • Lean Engineering Methods (3.65)

Approximately 100 participants were surveyed with a 34% response rate.

The top concern is hardly surprising, as methods for measuring performance seem to be an evergreen issue for every business function.  As a company evolves, so does it’s leadership and corporate priorities, which can make the focus of a business’ metrics rather fluid and unstable.  There is often much internal disagreement about what should be measured and how to measure things accurately, which can lead to troublesome misalignment, especially in engineering-heavy environments.

The bottom two issues were somewhat surprising.  One could have easily assumed that “Open Innovation and Social Technologies” would be of higher interest considering their high profile and mindshare in business and overall society.  Similarly, “Lean Engineering” has historically been a highly popular subject area and is rather similar to “Agile” that took a top spot, which could signify that Lean has reached a maturity level or there could be some dissatisfaction with the lean methods that have been in practice for quite a number of years now.

Please note that these are observations and not scientifically backed conclusions.

This webinar is part four of a five-part series on the skills, tools and methods that compose the “Advanced Project Management” discipline.   The May 22nd session will provide an introduction to the key concepts and provide practical, tools-based knowledge on managing partnerships and collaborative innovation.

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