GGI R&D survey focuses on “Organic R&D,” Open Innovation & IP and Corp. Metrics

surveyGoldense Group, Inc. (GGI), a Massachusetts-based market research and consulting firm specializing in R&D/Product Development, has just announced its latest survey on industry innovation practices.

Over the past 15 years, GGI’s R&D surveys have provided a wealth of insight into the direction and initiatives at R&D organizations across the globe. These surveys are carefully constructed and thoughtfully analyzed by experienced R&D practitioners and are designed to capture meaningful insights into what R&D practitioners can expect in the coming years.

The focus of this year’s research is on Organic R&D-Product Development, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, & CXO Corporate Metrics. The research is aimed at culling-out industry’s current deployment and utilization of selected innovation and intellectual property strategies, processes, practices, techniques, and metrics.

The questionnaire is intended for manufacturing companies, R&D labs, and Contract Design/Development companies that are actively creating and commercializing new products. Responses from industry service and advisory firms will not be accepted.

All responses will be kept strictly confidential. No data is shared with any identifiable information to a person or to a company. The questionnaire has been designed to minimize the need for permissions or approvals from your company in order to participate.  On average, it should take approximately 30-35 minutes to complete.

All research participants will receive a comprehensive document, complete with text and graphs, that summarizes each question across the population of respondents.

If you would like to participate or get additional information, please contact Alex Cooper at or call 781-891-8080.


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