Beyond the GANNT chart – Advanced Project Management for NPD


Management fads may come and go, but the one that outlasts them all is sound project management.  While it’s not nearly as sexy-sounding as “six sigma,” when’s the last time you heard someone boast about their black belt?  Coordinating the myriad of complex disciplines (and their respective complex people!) to bring a product to market remains a singular challenge above all others.

The complexity surrounding today’s NPD projects seems compounded by two major factors: 1) the expanding scope of a product’s embedded technology (e.g. software, wireless connectivity); and 2) the expanding scope of participating stakeholders (e.g. open innovation, supplier partnerships, crowdsourcing).  Long gone are the days of command and control, co-location of team members and “dumb” (unconnected and software-disabled) products.

To manage these new realities, some companies are having success by applying principles from lean manufacturing, agile software development and even social networking to R&D and NPD projects.  Using specific tools from each discipline, such as Cadence, Flow and Pull from manufacturing, and Burn Down Charts, Waterfall and Sprints from software development, one can create a toolbox that manages all the new project risks that have surfaced over the years while also exposing leverage points that can improve efficiency and market performance.  And by employing modern social networking media, one can effectively manage partners and suppliers as well as communicate efficiently with project teams.

Want to learn more about the latest in Advanced Project Management?

Join us on May 22, 2013 for a complimentary webinar, “Advanced Project Management for Product Development: Applying Lean and Agile Principles to Managing Partners” led by John Carter of TCGen, Inc.  This webinar is the part four of a five-part series on the skills, tools and methods that compose the “Advanced Project Management” discipline.   The May 22nd session will provide an introduction to the key concepts and provide practical, tools-based knowledge on managing partnerships and collaborative innovation.

Clarification:  This webinar will not be discussing “wearable white boards”.

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