Combining Best Practices for Next Generation R&D Management

“Best Practice” is, of course, a super Dilbert-y phrase and one that often elicits either admiration or contempt The danger of best practices comes when they are followed blindly, verbatim and merely copy-catted with the hope of someone else’s results.  The beauty of best practices comes in when they are applied with consideration of context and adjustments made wherever necessary to custom-fit.  I’m sure every company has examples of both in their history, including yours and mine.


R&D Managers are often inundated with “best practices” and almost never have enough time to evaluate them, let alone incorporate them into their daily business of generating innovation, technology and profits for the company.  Today’s stewards of R&D need a lightning fast method to expose themselves to the difference-making processes available to them and shown clear examples of the path between implementation and results.

An upcoming one-day program June 19, 2013 in Alexandria, VA, from Management Roundtable and Knowledge Foundation, uses over 30 years of experience to separate the wheat from the chaff and present R&D managers with best practices that have been tested across numerous companies and industries over many years in a format that will efficiently educate you on the latest and best tools finding success today.

The root of this program will focus on the following areas and will be covered by leading experts of their respective fields from industry, academia and consulting:

  • Product & Technology Roadmapping
  • Collaborative and Open Innovation
  • Agile and Lean Development Methods

Faculty for this event will include in-depth case studies from companies such as Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Intel, FedEx and MeadWestVaco.



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