NASA Roadmaps the Future of Space Travel Technology

NASA_Roadmap You can never have enough examples of product and technology roadmaps

Over a half century removed from man’s first forays into outer space, it still boggles the mind that humans were able to harvest the technological might to break the atmosphere of our planet and also set foot on our moon.  And we did it all without Six Sigma black belt programs!

When you consider the vast amount of engineering resources required to organize, plan, design, manufacture and employ vehicles capable of space travel, it’s even more impressive to view the technology roadmaps that help NASA meet their mission critical objectives.  On top of that, things have gotten infinitely more complex since we primarily used primate and canine pilots, things like nanotechnology, robotics and advanced communication systems.

The good folks at NASA have been kind enough to spend some of their funding to help us tax-paying citizens understand the full scope of what’s involved in developing a space travel program.  The following links will take you to several roadmapping resources, including a nifty interactive infographic, that may help companies learn how to make such complex systems more visually organized.



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