With Open Innovation, Some Company’s Eyes are Bigger than their Stomachs

GiantDogBoneInnovation Partnership company NineSigma has just released their latest report which outlines the results of their Open Innovation survey.  Conducted from October 2010 through September 2012, over 750 companies participated in the research which was conducted to take a temperature reading of current industry maturity with collaborative innovation methods.

The overarching conclusion of this research seems to be that while interest and engagement with Open Innovation remains high, internal roadblocks are preventing companies from getting out of their own way and stunting progress.  Also of note, very few companies are reaching a level of maturity with it to consider themselves in a leadership position.

The most common reasons cited for these issues point to a widespread weakness in the ability to adjust existing internal business processes to accommodate the specific needs to do Open Innovation well.  We would guess this means the particularly sticky issues of  garnering support/trust from multiple necessary functions (NIH Syndrome), patents and intellectual property and meshing an external partner’s methods and development practices with one’s own.

Below is a compilation of links relating to this study, including a link to where you may download a copy of the full report.

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