Look who’s jumping on the “Death to Facebook” bandwagon…

We are going to take the highroad.  We won’t even mention that we’ve been posting about Facebook being a temporary phenomena since well before the IPO fiasco (whoops, ok, we lied).  So it’s very interesting now that the shiny new social media toy has begun to show frayed edges and the novelty is wearing off, just how many people are starting to echo the drumbeat we joined about a year ago.

This week some analysts have decided to chime in, bringing the muscle of metrics to the cause and citing studies that show “one third of Facebook users report declining usage over the past 6 months,” and facts like GM pulling $10-million of advertising from the site.  FB is an easy target now that we have recently witnessed their biggest stumble as their share price has fallen 32% since going public.  Where were these analysts with these bold predictions back when everything was still unicorns and rainbows?

Here are the latest articles from those late to the lynch mob:

The Facebook Deathclock remains at 5 minutes to midnight (because I can’t find a good graphic that show 4 minutes to).


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