Pouring a foundation for open innovation

This seems like a good time to post about corporate culture and it’s effect on product development initiatives (see here and here). So another won’t hurt.

If you’ve attended MRT and PDMA’s annual Open Innovation conference, you’re likely familiar with the standard drumbeat on the importance of culture change to successfully start using externally sourced ideas in product development.

Kevin Stark of NineSigma has recently published the following article in IndustryWeek: “10 Steps for Creating an Open-Innovation Culture“.

Below are the basic topics from his article’s list, hit the link above for the details behind each item.

  1. Create a needs list.
  2. Define the company’s core competencies.
  3. Initiate scouting.
  4. Develop an IP strategy.
  5. Broaden outreach to additional stakeholders.
  6. Let everyone know that the company is “open” to innovation.
  7. Transform existing relationships.
  8. Build a knowledge base.
  9. Collaborate with peer organizations.
  10. Create accountability.


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