What are YOU looking at?

When I was a young professional decades ago, I learned a lot about product development, marketing and general business from a brilliant consultant and engineer named Peter Marks One of the things he used to always tell people that sticks with me today is that human beings get 90% of their information visually, or as he would say “through the eyes.”

This is one of the reasons why he maintained that design was so important to a product, the power of visual appeal and also it’s role in ergonomics, such as color coding.  Today, I am coming at this from a different angle and wonder about all the different technologies and techniques that will be employed as our world continues to evolve and proliferate new ways to give us visual input.

From TVs to smart phones to tablets, join me as I ponder the potential form factors of tomorrow’s computing devices in my latest column in Time Compression magazine: Considering the Next Screen


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