The Top 12 Tech Scouting Practices of Industry Leaders

Is your organization seeking new technologies and business ideas to accelerate growth?

Since many members of our community are implementing formal Tech Scouting programs, we are pleased to offer a free series of short articles about practices, processes and drivers of success from leading companies such as P&G, Kraft, Nokia, Avery Dennison, Corning, Dow, Kimberly Clark, IBM, and more.  This series, The Top 12 Tech Scouting Practices of Industry Leaders, will begin in September and run weekly.

Derived from presentations at previous MRT events, the following practices will be discussed:
  1. What Makes an Effective Technology Scout (9/23/11)
  2. Looking for Opportunities /Places to Look (9/30/11)
  3. Winning Over Internal R&D (10/7/11)
  4. Evaluation and Assessment: Basic Screening Criteria (10/14/11)
  5. Thinking About Intellectual Property (10/24/11)
  6. Assessing Potential Partners(10/31/11)
  7. Portfolio and Business Fit (11/07/11)
  8. Rapid Decision Making: Scoring for Value (11/14/11)
  9. Negotiating for Success (11/21/11)
  10. Useful Metrics and Industry Examples (11/28/11)
  11. Rewards and Incentives (12/05/11)
  12. Key Drivers of Success (12/05/11)

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This article published in conjunction with MRT’s workshop series:
Technology Scouting to Accelerate Innovation – Implementing an External Sourcing Program – check our website for the latest dates and locations of this popular seminar.



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