A history of TV Tech innovation…

How will future anthropologists study our era?  When contemporary historians research past civilizations, they search for artifacts and from there use other data to extrapolate the daily life routines of ancient humans.

Because we now live in a highly recorded society, they won’t have to work as hard a few hundred or thousand years from now.

One thing that is certain to provide a lot of insight is the Television, the boob tube, the idiot box or whatever your favorite nickname is for the world’s most popular entertainment device.  They will find out  A LOT about us, some good and a whole lot of things we’d be embarrassed about if we were still alive.

Here is an infographic that follows the technological innovation history of the TV, from the Cathode Ray Tube to today’s flat screen OLED sets and the yet to gain traction 3D screens.

The most interesting part of this graphic is the bottom where it predicts that by 2015 the average screen size will be pushing 60-inches.  I can only imagine how many more years until one or more entire walls of your house will be the average screen size.  Or maybe it’ll go the other way and we’ll just wear glasses or other hardware that fill all available visual space with Jersey Shore 2025.

Infographic source: VoucherCodes.co.uk


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