Percentage of all tweets that are worth your time: 6%

Don Reinertsen is the only person I know whose numbers always add up.  It’s not that his math is higher quality than yours, but he is the only one I know that is disciplined enough to employ math consistently.  In his work with us training people on Lean Product Development, participants (mostly engineers) often comment on the soundness of his material from a mathematical and statistical standpoint.

Don is well known for debunking myths from Six Sigma, Toyota Production System and other management schools of thought, simply by “doing the math.”   Chances are if Don is involved in something, it’s because it has calculable value associated with it.  He has applied this successfully and turned around many people’s opinions on what is a valuable activity and what is wasteful.

With that lens, I found it at least mildly surprising that Don is an active Tweeter.  I’ll be honest, I don’t find much twitter activity worth the time.  To fully understand tweets, you have to follow someone for some time and really pay attention to understand the necessary context.  There is just so much noise about what was for lunch and how that movie made you remember the butterfly that got stuck in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you were 8 that I lose interest quickly.

But Don is someone I may choose to follow, if for nothing but the quick insights he occasionally posts like the one above from his feed.

Don’s MRT Workshop: Second Generation Lean Product Development: Applying the Principles of Flow


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