Social Media makes babies cry…

Some people say email is obsolete because today’s younger generation uses text, tweets and other tools to communicate, but I don’t buy it, it’s still here, hasn’t changed much, and forms you fill out still ask for it, but not your twitter ID.  The same does not go for social media, which is much more of a fad and prone to eventual extinction.

Here’s some more evidence that supports the idea…

“Social Media Fatigue” is a new-ish term being used a lot more lately, so much that it could become a diagnosed medical condition.  I’m sure many psychotherapists are adding it to their repertoire for treating patients.  After all, according to this article about the Facebook Birthday Greeting problem:

“Facebook releases a brain chemical called oxytocin that’s the same hormone we release when we get hugs,” she said. “This birthday-wishing custom fits right into that. It’s warm and fuzzy.”

At conferences that MRT runs, the amount of information thrown at you is often called “drinking from a firehose.”  In that case, all the social media activity available to you could be considered “drinking from Niagara Falls.”  People who suffer from Social Media Fatigue report hitting a wall after feeling obligated to update their feeds, tweet, check into their location, upload pics of their lunch, click a link to a video a friend posted, etc.  They miss the brief, quiet, inbetween moments of life that Social Media sucks away.  Of course, the same can be said about your smart phone.  Facebook even has it’s own rehab center.

Article: NY Times “For the Plugged-In, Too Many Choices
Cartoon: Social Media Fatigue

The Deathclock stands at 5 minutes to midnight.


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