WFGM Basics – Open Innovation Best Practices

The “Want, Find, Get, Manage (WFGM)” model is one of the most adopted conceptual frameworks for open innovation.  This is one of the places new people should start when trying to educate themselves on the subject.

Gene Slowinski, author of The Strongest Link and Reinventing Corporate Growth, outlines this model very clearly in an article on his website, “Open Innovation and Alliances – “Good Practices” in OI“.

Here’s an excerpt of the article overview:

Open Innovation (OI) has become a mainstream organizational process. Firms are establishing OI groups, allocating budgets, and measuring results. In this article, we identify twelve “good practices” associated with high quality Open Innovation. In our experience, these practices are key inputs to the firm’s OI system, leading to high quality OI results when effectively executed. The goal of this article is to help management build the practices into their OI system and make continuous improvements in their OI processes.

Gene Slowinski is the lead instructor for MRT’s popular workshop:
Implementing Open Innovation Alliances


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