Poll: Does your smart phone increase or decrease your productivity?

Before about 6 years ago, I used to like to tell people that I “was the only Asian person on the planet without a cell phone.”  It was good for a few chuckles every once in a while.  I’m not really a phone person, I don’t like talking on them for very long, and my rational was that I’m almost always with someone whose phone I could borrow if necessary.

Eventually, my friends broke me down and I got a basic flip model cell phone, which led to a blackberry, and today I have a Motorola Droid X running Android.  I’m still not a phone person, but today phone calling is only a small percentage of their use, and I love the power of pocket computing that we enjoy now and the non-verbal communication efficiency (text and email).

People like to debate whether or not smart phones increase or decrease productivity.  While having email and access to data that was previously desk-bound is great, the phone can also distract you at any time and break the flow of what you are doing at that moment.

My question to you is:


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