Christmas for Geeks in July

My godson wants to be a hardware engineer, loves Dr. Who and is a major force at his high school’s stage crew.  For several birthdays now, I have given him a gift certificate to ThinkGeek, the absolute best online store for geek-oriented novelty items.

If you need a gift for an engineer, a sci-fi or fantasy fan, video game addict, or cube dweller, this place demands a visit.  You’ll find light sabers, real chain mail, robots, catapults, t-shirts…there is no end to the surprises in their catalog.  You may have seen ThinkGeek in the news, they often make joke concept products that their customers then beg them to produce for real, such as the Taunton Sleeping Bag and the iPad Arcade Cabinet.

Right now is a great time to get some advanced gift shopping done for next holiday season as they are currently in the midst of their summer sale.

Link:  ThinkGeek Summer Sale

As a bonus, below is a video from the TechEBlog featuring an interview with the company.


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