Tips & Tricks: Google Alerts

Here’s an extremely simple way to stay on top of any subject that interests you: Google Alerts.

I’ve just started using Google Alerts, one of the Big G’s many small and simple tools that have great upsides.  It’s a robotic digital “clipping service” that scours the Internet and sends you an email with what it has found.   This is one of Google’s “less is more” services, as the presentation is basic no frills, all you do is put in your keywords and your email address and press ‘submit”.  You can make minor tweaks to the frequency and if you want more or fewer results, but that’s it really.

Aside from adding more filler to your inbox, there seems to be no other negative tradeoffs.  You may not be interested in the majority of things this service will link you to, but it does give you a similar thrill as other types of fishing when you do catch something of value in the net.

Here’s a recent sample of what Google Alerts returns to me on the search terms “Open Innovation”, the results arrive categorized by “News”, “Blogs” and “Web”.

LINK: Google Alerts

News 5 new results for open innovation
HARMAN Joins ng Connect Program to Advance the Adoption and Development of End
MarketWatch (press release)
The ng Connect Program is the collaborative open innovation engine that explores and creates the new generation connected user experience. Engaging with its dynamic multi-industry membership, it drives relevance and revenue generation for the entire
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How to License before the Patent
Inventors Digest
By Jack Lander Maxine Horn made a good case for “open innovation” in the May 2011 issue of this magazine (Trust & Open Innovation – a Case for ‘Open Protection’). She challenged us to debate models that might enable inventors to present ideas to
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Inventors Digest
Why Social TV = Open Business
APP Market
Business agility and continual innovation are fueled by Social Media. Other reasons why TV should adopt co- / open innovation can be found here. For all the TV industry players who have troubles innovating their business model, value proposition and
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There’s a bit of innovation in every Indian’s life
In their blog published on Harvard Business Review website, the duo said the index measured the innovation culture in different countries by putting innovation-linked terms like “design thinking“, “Six Sigma“, “open innovation” and “product design”
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Who Wins, Who Loses as Detroit Embraces Silicon Valley
BNET (blog)
What is giving the US auto industry a new lease on life is its openness to solutions from wherever and whoever can offer them — a strategy known as open innovation. So Detroit survives — but not in its 20th century form. And that means winners and
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Blogs 1 new result for open innovation
VW Uses Open Innovation to Design Future of Car Entertainment
By OIC Editor
Paul Arnold discusses Volkswagen’s use of open innovation to create a more intimate experience for its customers in his article, “App My Ride, “ in Ideaconnection. The article shows how companies are using open innovation contests to
Open Innovation Community
Web 5 new results for open innovation
NASA Tournament Lab: Open Innovation On-Demand | The White House
From the NASA Centennial Challenge program to the NASA Innovation Pavilion, the U.S. space agency is at the forefront of the fast-growing movement to use…/nasa-tournament-lab-open-innovation…
Using Open Innovation To Bring The Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Back
I don’t live on a farm, or anywhere near one. So I know that my mental picture of a farmer–a guy wearing overalls, driving a tractor and consulting the…/using-open-innovation-to-bring-the…
Innovate Faster, Innovate Better: The Open Innovation Marketplace
If you’ve been looking to gain a better understanding of how to make Open Innovation work for you, a book recently published by Dwayne Spradlin and Alpheus.…/innovate-faster-innovate-better-the-o…
Can the US Government Use Open Innovation to Save $1 Billion?
By Jenn Gustetic On July 14, 2011 · 510Leave a Commenthttp%3A%2F%2Fwww. to+
Innovate Faster, Innovate Better: The Open Innovation Marketplace
A review of The Open Innovation Marketplace by Alan Chihwaro recommends: ” Anybody looking to take the next step on the road to crowdsourcing and open…

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