MRT Time Capsule: 1997 Metrics Conference

According to old sayings, I am doomed to repeat my entire life because I forget a lot of stuff, but that’s why we have time capsules.  It also can be a lot of fun to look back and see what we were doing in the past and how much things have changed or remained constant.  Every once in a while on this blog, we will dig up some stuff from Management Roundtable’s historical archives for just such fun.

Today I’ve posted a copy of the brochure for MRT’s 1997 event, “Second Annual Conference on Metrics for Product Development and Project Management.”  When the series ended in 2009, it was the longest-ever running event series on the subject of performance measures in R&D.  The chair for this event was Wayne Mackey, who is currently the instructor of our two-day workshop on this subject.   The keynote speakers were Preston Smith and Christopher Meyer.

But what is particularly amusing about this brochure is our attempt at trying to engage customers in reading it.  Gurus of direct marketing often encourage marketers to use techniques that get customers to interact with your promotion, with such involvement supposedly aiding the purchase decision.   In this brochure, several images of tape measures were sprinked throughout the pages and on the last page registration form, customers saw a box that said:

How many tape measures can you find hidden throughout this brochure?  Give the correct number and qualify to win a free audiotape of Wayne Mackey’s “4 Steps to Predictive Process Metrics” (while supplies last). No. of tape measures: _________

It was several years ago, but I recall that basically nobody filled this out.   You can judge for yourself whether or not this was due to poor execution or if this is just not the right audience for such a technique.  The good news was we didn’t have to spend time tediously dubbing audiotapes to give out.

Download Brochure:  MET97_Brochure

R&D Metrics: Quantifying Portfolio Decisions, Projects & Profits – 2 Day Workshop


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