If Pavlov built Facebook

I am going to start a Facebook “deathwatch” or maybe a Facebook “Doomsday Clock”.  Whenever I sense a trend or occurrence that I think adds to FB’s eventual obsolescence or “myspace-ification”, I will update the clock to be closer to the death hour of midnight.  Forget about Google+, with the addition of the new social media site, GetGlue, the clock now sits at 5 minutes to.

At first I thought GetGlue was not serious, but it is very, very real.  This service is for couch potatoes that are sitting around watching TV, a movie or maybe listening to music.  At GG, you “check in” to your TV show similar to foursquare, and then once checked in you can rate the show and interact with other users who are checked into the same thing.   Sound like a lot of other social media sites?  But wait, there’s more.

By meeting certain conditions and through your participation you can earn items that will make you the object of jealousy amongst 8 year old girls from the 1980s, that’s right, STICKERS!  Not only can you litter your account with these sticky symbols of social dominance, but after you earn enough, you can request that GG send you real world physical stickers in the mail as well.  Your only problem in the world then will be deciding where to stick them.  I have a few ideas…

The Facebook Deathclock sits at 5 minutes to midnight.

Link:  GetGlue


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