Bending the mind around space-time and NPD

Human beings don’t only take life for granted, we take for granted the entire existence of the universe. Think for a moment about the concept of infinity. No race, creed or religion denies it’s existence, yet we all completely ignore it. What came before the universe and what comes after? We don’t know nor do we seem to care, yet this fundamental truth is the biggest freaking elephant in the room. While true that there is very little we can practically do with infinity besides ignore it, nobody seems to acknowledge that things like this completely stump even the smartest humans on the planet, and that understanding it would open the door to an infinite number of the universe’s secrets. But no, we continue to focus our intellect on things we can realistically affect and pretend to understand, like observable physics.

It is thoughts such as these that lead me to write pedantic puff pieces incorporating quantum mechanics into my analysis of product development activity. On that note, here’s a link to my latest column in Time Compression magazine:

What Stephen Hawking Might Say About Product Development


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