A Quantum Leap of Faith

Is Quantum Physics a religion?  There are many similarities.  Quantum physics tries to explain the nature of the universe, the ultimate answer to the question of where do we come from and how does it all work?  Both are filled with deep mystery and require tremendous faith to reconcile its concepts with our everyday real lives.  Many theologians believe that the ultimate answer to how quantum mechanics works is God, and some scientists don’t necessarily dispute that idea.  It is often hard to conceive that quantum physics is a generally accepted field of science and not a fringe field like paranormal phenomena and ufology.

Someday in the future, I believe we will get much closer to cracking the code of the universe, and although there will likely be dimensions that always stay out of our view, things like quantum computers and possibly time or dimensional travel will answer many of today’s questions while exposing innumerable additional mysteries.

Until then, it is fun to ponder, just what is under the universe’s hood, and how does the reality on our earthly three dimensions resemble the microscopic world, and how our individual selves mimic the nature of quantum particles.  Check out my latest column in Time Compression, “Quantum Physics Meets Product Development.”


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