The Spanish Prisoner

Steve Martin’s career is an enigma to me. Does anyone else believe that today’s Steve Martin is the same wild and crazy guy whose first movie was “The Jerk”. Would The Jerk find an audience today? Why do I bother pondering such useless things? I am by nature, very curious. In that mode, I also sometimes wonder if there is a master list of today’s revered actors who started out as comedic buffoons. Steve Martin joins the likes of Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx, Tom Hanks and many others whose current careers would be considered rather improbable if you were to judge them by their earliest work.

I’m not sure what Steve Martin’s first ‘serious’ movie was, but as I was writing my most recent column for Time Compression magazine (what, you’ve never read it?), I was inspired by one of his films directed by David Mamet, a story of intrigue and grifters that sparked some thoughts I had about product development process.

I make very wide turns when I’m traveling around in my brain, I do admit. If you take a ride with me, fasten your seatbelt.

Read my latest column, The Spanish Prisoner.


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